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7 Things to do with Shredded Paper

John Platt, March 18, 2014

As the bucket beneath my shredder quickly filled, I began to wonder: what am I going to do with all of these shreddings? I don't have to put them in the landfill, do I?

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4 Ways to Make Your Refrigerator More Efficient

John Platt, March 18, 2014

As one of the most energy-intensive devices in your home, it really pays to have an efficient fridge in your kitchen. But what if you can't afford to buy a new one?

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Five Green Devices Every Home Should Have

John Platt, March 18, 2014

You don't have to install huge solar panels on your home or drive a hybrid vehicle to go green.

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Are E-books Greener Than Paper Books?

John Platt, December 05, 2013

For people who love their Kindles, there's no other choice when it comes to reading books. But for the rest of us, is it time to make the switch to e-reading, or do paper books still hold the green advantage?

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Five Ways to Cut Your Junk Mail

John Platt, December 03, 2013

According to the US Postal Service itself, the average family gets 848 pieces of junk mail per year. You can cut that dramatically in just a few steps.

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Locavores: Find Free Fruit in Your Neighborhood

John Platt, July 01, 2013

There's a bounty of fruit ripe for the plucking, all within walking distance.

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6 Simple Ways to Green Your Dinner

John Platt, June 17, 2013

Food is life, but how much does it really cost?

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5 Ways to Use Less Energy While Watching TV

John Platt, June 03, 2013

How many hours a day do you spend watching TV? Two, three, four? More?

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The Greenest Products Are The Ones You Don't Buy

John Platt, May 06, 2013

Every product in the world, no matter how green or eco-friendly it says it is, has some sort of impact. Whether it's the production cycle or shipping or energy use, every product has a footprint.But a few products don't have any footprint at all. How is that possible? Easy -- they're borrowed.

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Recycle Your Cell Phone, Plant a Tree

John Platt, May 03, 2013

The United Nations is currently in the middle of a project to plant 1 billion new trees, and one way they hope to accomplish their goal is to turn your old cell phone into a tree.

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