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Earn Money by Recycling Your Empty Inkjet Cartridges

John Platt, January 03, 2017

Another toner cartridge just went dry in my printer. That mean's it's time to buy a new one -- and it's also time to recycle the old one.

Old inkjet and laser printer toner cartridges should never be put in the garbage. Even when they're out of ink, the cartridges are still made of plastic and are full of toxic chemicals which can leach into the ground and pollute our land and water.

But how do you recycle an inkjet or laser-printer cartridge?

First step, check with your local retailer. Stores like Staples and Best Buy often collect toner cartridges for free. They might even give you a coupon towards the purchase of your new cartridge.

Next step, check with your local charities or community groups, or the neighborhood schools. Many collect cartridges, which they then turn in for cash, which helps fund their local efforts.

Next, go online, and see if you can donate your cartridges to support a cause. will take used cartridges and cell phones and make a donation to groups like Habitat for Humanity or Helen Keller Worldwide, but they only buy in bulk, so this is good for community efforts.  A similar program,, lets you select from charities like Big Cat Rescue and The Wildcat Sanctuary.

Finally, go online and sell your used cartridges for cash. is just one of the sites that will pay you a few dollars for every cartridge you send in. 

So don't let those used-up inkjet and toner cartridges sit around in your house or in a landfill. Recycle them, do some good, and earn some green in the process!

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