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Peoria Commits to Sustainability

John Platt, January 24, 2012

Through its Sustain & Gain program, the city of Peoria has made a commitment to sustainability.

The Illinois city issued its first Sustainability Action Plan in 2009 with goals of improving the quality of life in its neighborhoods, committing to responsible environmental stewardship and leading by example.

Peoria has an entire website devoted to its sustainability efforts, as well as a Sustain & Gain Facebook page, which appears to just be getting started. The website is full of great tools for the city's businesses and citizens, including tips on energy efficiency, saving water, going solar and disposing of hazardous waste.

Among the information on the site are these facts about Peoria and its trash:

* Peoria recycles 16,000 tons/year of bottles, cans, plastics, newspapers, cardboard?that?s 32 million pounds!
* Another 50,000 tons/year goes to the landfill?that?s 100 million pounds!
* For every 4 pounds of trash, 3 are landfilled and 1 is recycled.
* Each person in Peoria generates about 825 pounds of trash each year. Fortunately, 200 pounds are recycled.
* 75,000 pounds of household hazardous waste are collected at the City?s 3 annual drop off events, then properly disposed.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Check out their website for lots of additional resources and information.

Photo by Rachel Gardner via Flickr. Used under Creative Commons license.

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