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Newark Delaware Seeks Sustainability

John Platt, January 03, 2017

Situated halfway between Philadelphia and Baltimore, the 250-year-old city of Newark, Delaware, wants to make sure that its future citizens are able to lead green and healthy lives.

The Newark Delaware Sustainability Initiative has a long-term outlook at make sure that the city can be enjoyed by the current generation without sacrificing the needs of future generations. They have a pretty great vision plan, encompassing clean air and water, locally grown food, a diverse community, and an efficient use of government resources.

Like a lot of college towns, they also want to make sure that there is an ongoing good relationship between the year-round residents and the students who come and go each year.

The Sustainability Initiative has three main projects going on right now: redeveloping the site of an old Chrysler factory, improving the trains and transit services that run through the town, and enhancing bike routes and other bicycle-friendly options for the city's residents.

This is all volunteer-based, and they haven't posted any updates lately, but if you live in the Newark area, make sure to check in and see how you can help!

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