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Which Magazines Use the Greenest Paper?

John Platt, June 04, 2014

I love magazines. Barely a day goes by that a new issue of some magazine or another comes into the Platt household. But all of those magazines are printed on paper, and some of that paper is more sustainable than others.

Luckily, there's a new buying guide out there that helps you know which magazines are printed on recycled paper: Better Paper's Better Magazine List. Dozens of magazines appear on the list, so if you're trying to make the decision between which yoga magazine to buy, you can opt for the one with the greenest paper.

Why does the use of recycle paper matter? According to Green America, switching all magazines to recycled paper in North America would save:

  - 1.5 million tons of wood, or the equivalent of 10 million trees
  - 6.6 million BTU?s of energy, or the equivalent of heating 73 thousand homes
  - 1.8 billion pounds of CO2 emissions, or the equivalent of taking 160 thousand cars off the road
  - 7 billion gallons of wastewater, or the equivalent of 5 thousand swimming pools
  - And 780 million pounds of solid waste, or the equivalent to 28 thousand garbage trucks

But we have a long way to get there: currently only 2% of American magazines used recycled paper.

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