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Free App Turns Empty Cars into Rideshares

John Platt, April 29, 2013

Hundreds of cars go by my house every hour. Most of them are almost empty, with just a driver behind the wheel and no other passengers. What if those empty seats beside the driver could be filled by people going the same direction? Think of the savings in energy and emissions!

Well, a free app from Avego makes it possible to turn any car into a rideshare. People traveling a route enter their details into the Avego Driver app. The app (which verifies identities for safety) then connects people who are traveling that route with other people who need to go that way.

Say you're the driver. The Avego app guides you to where passengers need to be picked up and dropped off. Passengers enter in a PIN to authenticate themselves before they get into your car and make a micropayment (maybe a dollar or two) to you to help cover the costs of the drive.

The app also tracks things like CO2 emissions, so you can see how much has been saved by ridesharing as opposed to everyone driving separately.

Not sure if it's for you? You can try a "ghost account" first, where the app pretends you're picking up a real person, so you can see how it works and how many emissions would be saved.

This is a great solution for commuters and people going to common locations, like shopping malls and other stores. Give it a try and see if it works for you!

For a closer look, check out the Avego Drive video on YouTube.

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