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Save the Frogs Offers Free Slideshows for Teachers

John Platt, March 26, 2013

Looking for a bright and colorful way to teach your students about frogs and the environmental issues that threaten amphibians? Save the Frogs, a great nonprofit whose name embodies its goals, has several free slideshows available for teachers.

There are four presentations to choose from: one for K-5th grade; another for 6th grade through adulthood; a version for kids with learning disabilities; and a fourth that's just a bunch of fantastic frog photos.

Oh, there's also a fifth presentation in French for language teachers or for classes in Canada or parts of Africa.

All presentations can be downloaded as PowerPoints. There are also video versions that can be embedded on any website.

These are all a great way to inform kids and adults about the ongoing amphibian extinction crisis, and they're perfectly time, too. The fourth annual Save the Frogs Day will be held on April 28, 2012. There's a separate web page of Save the Frogs Day tips for teachers, including lesson plans for biology, art, writing, ethics and music classes.

Get hopping and see what your students can do to help save the frogs!

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