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Damariscotta River Association Offers Classes Plus Conservation

John Platt, August 13, 2014

The Damariscotta River is one of the most beautiful sights in midcoast Maine. Keeping it clean and healthy is the responsibility of the Damariscotta River Association.

Founded in 1973, the DRA s a non-profit community-supported land trust that helps to conserve critical land and water resources, including outstanding wildlife habitat, public access, and cultural treasures like oyster shell middens. They and their 200 volunteers manage a number of preserves that are open to the public representing nearly 3,000 acres of prime habitat.

As part of their mission, the DRA offers an incredible list of classes and educational events for both kids and adults. There are educational lectures, gardening programs, music events, a "junior naturalist" program, migratory bird tours, a summer camp for kids, and a whole lot more.

Individual membership in the DRA is $30 a year, or $40 for a whole family. Membership fees support their conservation activities. Members, meanwhile, get discounted access to classes and other events.

I live in the Damariscotta region, and the DRA is one of the most vital and important conservation organizations in the area. If you're a resident of Maine or just planning on visiting, give them a look.

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