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Kids, Enter the 2013 Endangered Species Art Contest

January 24, 2013

Help call attention to the plight of the plight of threatened animals by entering the 2012 Endangered Species Day Art Contest.

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Write a Poem or Draw a Picture to Help Save Frogs

John Platt, March 07, 2011

Around the world, frogs are dying out, the victims of urbanization, climate change and a deadly fungus that threatens at least a third of all amphibians with extinction. Now you can help draw attention to these wonderful creatures.

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Kids, Enter the Endangered Species Art Contest

John Platt, March 04, 2011

Around the world, thousands of species are threatened with extinction. Now kids can help call attention to the plight of these creatures by participating in the 2011 Endangered Species Day Youth Art Contest.

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Build a Pond, Save a Frog

John Platt, January 03, 2011

Frogs and other amphibians around the country are endangered by a lack of suitable habitat (among many other factors). You can help reverse that trend by building a frog pond -- and in the process, you just might win a prize!

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National Green Volunteer Day
April 20, 2013

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