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Tips on How to Green Up Your Life

Five Ways to Cut Your Junk Mail

John Platt, January 03, 2017

According to the US Postal Service itself, the average family gets 848 pieces of junk mail per year. You can cut that dramatically in just a few steps.

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Plan an Event for SolarDay 2010 - Coming on June 19

John Platt, March 18, 2010

Just about four weeks from now, people and companies around the world will be celebrating SolarDay 2010 -- the second annual event to promote the use of and potential behind solar power.

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Five Easy Ways to Use Less Paper

John Platt, February 02, 2010

Are you using too much paper in your job? According to, the paperless office is nowhere near reality, and the average office worker uses a shocking 10,000 pages of per ever year. Averaged out to 200 work days, that's 50 sheets of paper every single day!

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Turn Your Trash into Someone Else's Treasure

John Platt, December 18, 2009

Got something sitting around your house that you don't need any more? Throw it away -- by giving it to someone else.

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National Green Volunteer Day

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