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Save Two Square Yards of Rainforest Every Time You Search the Web

John Platt, January 08, 2010

The average web user conducts more than 1,000 searches a year on Google, Yahoo, Bing or other search engines. Imagine the impact if every search you conducted not only got you the results you need, but also made the world a better place.

That's the idea behind Ecosia, a new search engine that donates more than 80% of the money generated by its sponsored links to help save the South American rainforest. In fact, every search conducted on Ecosia directly saves 2.4 square yards of rainforest. If you conducted 1,000 searches on Ecosia this year, that could save 2,400 square yards of habitat!

Like Google, every search on Ecocia is accompanied by links from paid advertisers. But unlike Google, clicking on those links doesn't feed any shareholders' pockets. The money goes directly to the WWF, which uses it to buy and protect rainforest land.

Ecosia is supported by Bing and Yahoo, which provide the sponsored links as well as the search results. It's a privately owned company, and it gets its electricity from "green" resources, which helps to reduce its own emissions.

You can either visit the Ecosia web site to conduct your searches or install the free Ecosia browser bar so you can search directly from your web browser.

Since it launched on December 7, Ecosia has already saved more than 10 million square yards of rainforest. And this number will only increase as word spreads: just this week alone, the number of searches conducted on Ecosia increased five times to more than half a million searches a day.

Saving the rainforest helps to reduce carbon emissions, fight global warming, protect species from extinction, and ensure that our natural resources are around for generations to come. So give Ecosia a try and do your part!

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