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Let Toshiba Recycle Your Old Electronics

John Platt, February 23, 2010

Got an old PC or other electronic device you or your company no longer needs? Toshiba no longer just wants to sell you a replacement, they want to make it easy to recycle your old computer, too.

Toshiba has expanded its Reuse & Recycling Program to give you three options to responsibly get rid of your old device: 1) Sell it for cash; 2) Donate it to a needy charity; or 3) Recycle it.

Option 1, sell it, uses a site we've talked about before What's important about this site is that they only want equipment that still works, because they're going to make sure it gets to someone who can use it, thereby extending the life of the device past your initial use. To use this option, go to Gazelle's site, enter in the type of equipment you have, and they offer you a cash quote to take it off their hands. Gazelle not only pays the shipping, they actually send you a box, so you don't have to worry about how you're going to pack up your old device.

Option 2, donate, is a partnership with the National Cristina Foundation, which provides technology to children at risk, or with disabilities. Your old computer goes to a good cause. Again, re-use instead of just recycling, plus you get a tax donation.

Finally, option 3 helps you to recycle any of your old electronics through a company called Manufacturer's Recycling Management, which has locations all over the country.

Now sure, you don't really need Toshiba to use any of these options, but here's where it gets even better. Toshiba offers companies and the public sector (government offices, essentially) a way to get rid of their old electronic junk in bulk. Just contact them for details and they'll help make it happen, and ensure that the e-goods don't become e-waste.

Next, Toshiba is sponsoring several upcoming recycling events where anyone can come by and drop off just about anything, from tiny PDAs to giant copy machines. These events are all in California, but hey, Toshiba can't be everywhere.

What's truly important about this is that Toshiba has found several partners that help it help you be responsible, and ensure that it's products don't end up polluting landfills. It's a good model, and more companies should embrace it.

For more information, visit Toshiba's Reuse and Recycling web page.

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