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5 Ways to Green Your Memorial Day

John Platt, May 30, 2011

Today is all about remembering our troops and soldiers -- both those fallen in war and those who returned. Let's do it in a way that honors them.

1. Walk or carpool to the parade. Almost every town will be having Memorial Day parades at some point this week, creating a parking and traffic nightmare. Ease that pressure on the roads and reduce emissions by leaving the car at home.

2. Or make a day of it. Go to the parade setting early and stick around for a few hours to support your local retailers. Or pack a lunch and have a picnic. Then, when you leave, you don't waste gas while you're stuck in traffic.

3. Invite a local vet over for dinner. Cooking for a group is greener than cooking for one. Honor our soldiers (many of whom might be living by themselves) by making them part of your family for the day. (Heck, you might want to keep inviting them over after that.)

4. Turn off your appliances and electronics for an hour. Use that 60 minutes of silence to honor our vets while you use less electricity. (And then maybe you can donate the few dollars you save in energy costs to your local American Legion.)

5. Stay at home. Memorial Day seems to be about quick vacations and deals offered by big-box retailers. Resist. Stay at home, enjoy your family and your yard and your neighborhood. Don't spend money you don't need to spend. And keep that gas guzzling car in the garage where it belongs.

Got other ideas for a memorable Memorial Day? Let us know in the comments!

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