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Levi's Announces New Eco-Friendly Jeans

John Platt, November 11, 2010

Every product has a water footprint -- the amount of water used during the production its raw materials, the manufacturing process, and then getting it to the consumer. Well Levi Strauss & Company has come up with a way to use a lot less water making some of its jeans, and that adds up to dozens of gallons saved per pair of pants.

The new "Water<Less" jeans use an average of 28% less water during the production process. But sometimes Levi's saves even more. Some of the "Water<Less" products use 96% less water. That's pretty amazing.

Much of this savings comes from process innovations. The jeans still go through multiple washing machine cycles in the factory, but multiple processes are now combined into a single process. They also use less water in the stone-washing process.

Levi's will shop 1.5 million pairs of "Water<Less" jeans next year, which will have been made with a total of 16 million less liters of water. That's not too shabby. Look for the brand to hit shelves in the next few months, starting with two types of jeans and one jean jacket.

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