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New Label to Identify Products Made with Wind Energy

John Platt, February 02, 2011

A lot of eco-friendly products come with a bevy of logos on their packaging to let you know they've been certified as organic, free trade, sustainably produced, or recyclable. Well add a new logo to the list. WindMade, coming to products later this year, will identify goods have been made using wind energy.

WindMade is still in its earliest stages. It has yet to fully define its certification process, or even land all of the funding it needs, but it's on its way. The certification process will be hashed out at this month's World Economic Forum, and the first batch of products to bear its logo will be announced in mid-June.

Will it make a difference? It's hard to say, but WindMade has some good partners behind it, including the World Wildlife Fund, Bloomberg, turbine maker Vestas, and even the fabled toy company, Lego. There's worse company to keep, let me tell you.

Will a WindMade label make a difference in your buying habits? What other sustainable certification labels do you trust? Are there any that you don't care about? Which mean the most to you? Let us know in the comments!

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