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Purdue University and Boiler Communications Create Green Envy with Earth Week

Denis Hofer, March 07, 2011

With the help of Boiler Communications, Purdue University will launch Earth Week April 18, 2011, to inspire students and other schools to care about going green.

Boiler Communications, a student-run public relations firm at Purdue, has crafted the idea of Earth Week to garner greater support for environmental issues. Earth Week will give Purdue and surrounding communities a chance to learn about sustainable lifestyles and technological advances in the field of green energy. Boiler Communications has invited over 10 campuses, as well as various local and national organizations to join them. Purdue's Boiler Green Initiative, a campus club focused on sustainability, will also participate.

In the past, Purdue's efforts to encourage students to get involved and concerned about the environment have failed. Last year, the Boiler Green Initiative held an event in which they announced that the school now had a new natural gas boiler and had eradicated their old coal boiler. The event had minimal student attendance and received zero media attention. 

Boiler Communications hopes Earth Week will change the student?s past lack of interest in green issues. In fact, they believe it will have a huge impact on and off campus. "The great thing about getting companies to come to our campus for this event is that they are all coming not to sell products or recruit, but instead to share their technology and information about sustainability and innovations in the industries of energy," said Alexander Illium, Account Executive at Boiler Communications.

Boiler Communications is joining forces with various companies to create more awareness for the event. "I am talking with Toyota about their table and what kind of approach they will take to the day about plant sustainability and electric cars," Mr. Illium said. "We are doing this 'to help Purdue, help the world.'" They are also working with local and national news outlets to get the media attention the previous Earth Day events lacked. They want to set an example for other schools, hoping the media buzz will inspire them to host similar events on their own campuses.
Boiler Communications believes Earth Week will become an annual event that will make Purdue proud and foster long-term care for the earth. "We feel this is the moral and ethical thing to do in a time when our country is experiencing an energy crisis in the form of finding new and innovative ways to create and consume it," Mr. Illium said. "We want this day to make an actual difference in the way people perceive our world and what we can do to save it."

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