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Stop the Yellow Pages from Coming to Your Door

John Platt, March 23, 2011

At last, you can now opt out of receiving all of those pesky phone books that come to your door.

In this age of online phone directories and paperless solutions, the Yellow Pages has long since outlived its welcome. But that doesn't stop them fro coming. In my area, we get three or four a year, and we never look at them. Not once.

But at long last, there's a way to prevent all of that paper from coming to your home: the National Yellow Pages Opt-Out Site. Just go to the site and enter in your zip code. You'll get a list of all of the companies delivering phone directories to your area. You need to register with the site (using your name, email address and delivery address), but after that you'll be able to opt out of further drop-offs.

The site also presents a list of options on how to recycle your old Yellow Books, which is always more difficult than it should be.

Go ahead and do this. The amount of paper you'll save will be worth the effort.

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