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Save Paper: Create A Document That Can't Be Printed

John Platt, March 28, 2011

Every day, forests around the world are cut down to feed our insatiable desire for office paper. Now you can help save a few trees by creating documents that can't be printed.

How? With the new .WWF file format, created by the World Wildlife Fund. The .WWF file format is similar to a PDF, in that it can be opened by just about anyone, but there's a major difference: the "print" feature has been disabled. No matter what program you open a .WWF file in, it can't be printed.

You can start creating .WWF files today by installing the free Save as WWF program. The program works on just about any PC or Mac, and installs in minutes.

Once it's installed, you can create .WWF files through any other program, like Word or Firefox. The documents can be emailed around to anyone and can be read with any PDF reader. But since they can't be printed, no paper can be consumed in the use of the documents.

I installed Save as WWF as few days ago, and it's incredibly easy to use. And yes, it does what it promises: the documents simply can't be printed!

Of course, the paper industry is not happy about this new file format, but they shouldn't be surprised by its development. We're supposed to be moving to a paperless office anyway. So download Save as WWF today and start saving a few trees!

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