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Telecommuting Twice a Week is Like Getting a $3,400 Raise

John Platt, January 03, 2017

Telecommuting is not just green, it earns you extra green in your wallet. That's the word from a study conducted this past February during National Telework Week.

According to a report from Greener Computing, more than 39,000 workers stayed home during National Telework Week -- many who had never telecommuted before -- and reported back how the experience worked for them.

We've long said that telecommuting is the greener option. It saves gas, saves wear and tear on vehicles (and souls), and it lets companies run their buildings more efficiently. The study from National Telework Week (coordinated by Telework Exchange and paid for by Cisco) finally put a dollar value on it. The employees saved enough on their commutes that, if extrapolated over an entire year, was like getting a $3,400 raise.

In these tough economic times, that earns a solid "wow."

Their employers also saved a pretty penny during that week. As a result of having fewer workers on premises, the companies and government agencies participating in the event saved $2.7 million. Imagine the savings extrapolated over an entire year!

If you're not telecommuting yet, what are you waiting for? You need that money, and the earth needs you off the roads. Ask your boss about it today.

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