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Which Oil Companies Are Greenest?

John Platt, January 01, 2013

If you gotta buy oil or gas, you may as well make the most eco-friendly decision. That's why Greenopia's annual list of the world's greenest oil companies is useful. Gas and oil may not be very earth-positive, but so far, few of us can get around without them, so it helps to make your purchasing decision based on which companies are performing the "best."

According to Greenopia's rankings, Sunoco is currently the world's greenest oil company. The corporation has a good environmental transparency record, and it has significantly reduced its emissions and waste. Greenopia also calls Sunoco an "industry leader" in "biofuels and other clean fuels."

Of course, even the greenest oil company isn't completely green. Sunoco had an "alarming" number of oil spills in 2009, but it did do more to clean them up than some of its competitors.

Shell and Hess came in second and third on Greenopia's list. Shell reduced its own greenhouse gas emissions by 67 million tons in 2009, while Hess uses water very efficiently and hasn't had a major spill since 1990.

The worst company on Greenopia's list? Citgo, which Greenopia found had a very weak environmental reporting record.

Unless you drive a hybrid and get all of your heat from solar, chances are you still need an oil company in your life. Use this list to help pick the best and greenest one in your area.

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