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California & New Jersey Are Tops in Solar

John Platt, July 05, 2011

An amazing 47% of the country's current solar-energy generation is in California, which produced 971 megawatts of solar electricity in 2010.

That's according to the Solar Energy Industries Association, which recently gave the New York Times its list of the top ten solar-producing states.

New Jersey came in second, with 14% and 293 megawatts. That's 61% of the country's solar power in just those two states.

No other state came close. Colorado, Nevada and Arizona all claimed 5%. Florida has 4% of the country's solar, New York and Pennsylvania each generate 3%, and New Mexico and North Carolina round out the top 10 with 2% each.

That might paint a pretty bleak renewable energy picture for the remaining 40 states, but I just see it as an opportunity. From Hawaii to Alaska to Maine, it's time to catch up! And you can play a part in that. No matter where you live, push your government and utilities to invest in solar power. It's time to make it happen, and to make a difference. After all, who are we all to let New Jersey come out so far ahead?

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